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Animal fur tuft- 03 April, Bar Harbor

Thank you to the Maine Master Naturalists who knew what this is, or made an educated guess.  I never considered the Red Squirrel, and there are at least four to be seen at almost any moment in the yard. Here … Continue reading

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25 March 2017, perfect weather for lichens- Acadia National Park

On Soil. Fruticose; Podetia; so far so good. But then I misinterpreted Brown or No Apothecia in the same way that got Oakhurst Dairy in trouble- there is  NO COMMA. So, the Podetia are not brown; they are green. Cups … Continue reading

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Bud Diary – Red Oak

Dormant:  bud scales tight; no green tissue. March 14, 2017  Four perfect leaves emerged from the terminal bud. Note the “bristled lobes”.  There is still a trace of the downy fuzz, but the leaves began drooping and fading almost immediately; … Continue reading

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Fern growing in snow- 02 Feb. 2017 Acadia National park

First lower pinnule is almost equal or a bit shorter than the second; but not very much. The texture looks like the ferns that I think are Dryopteris cristata , they are growing near our vernal pool at home. But this … Continue reading

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Dryopteris -Bar Harbor, 25 Sept 2016

Dryopteris cristata  growing in vernal pool site. Need confirmation of this since I have not seen one before. Note “louvered” pinnules on fertile frond.Also, fertile frond is taller than sterile frond. The sori are on the upper pinnules. Comments are … Continue reading

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Marsh Fern and Dragon Fly 27 Aug. 2016 Bar Harbor

Dragonfly on the Marsh Fern. I think it is Sympetrum but I’m not sure of the species.

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