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Patterns in the Pool, and 2 Moths from May 16, Bar Harbor

Decaying leaf litter in shallow part of vernal pool, May 16, 2017. Temperature dipped again last night and moths at the porch light were sleepy. I turned light off and hope they went someplace warmer. I’m awaiting confirmation of species … Continue reading

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Ichneumon Wasp & Moths at porch light- Bar Harbor, 18-24 April

This is enlarged wing from the individual above. Based on pattern of wing veins (the ones I marked in green) I think this is an ichneumon wasp (rather than a braconid). Guidance was given by a member of Facebook Bugs … Continue reading

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Micro-Moths and Fungus Gnats

This might be Ypsolopha falciferella, but I have no confirmation. ID help is always appreciated.  About 10mm. Comparison with examples on BugGuide were encouraging. It’s hard for me to get these micros in focus. Here are two Fungus Gnats, the green-winged on … Continue reading

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Nematomorph -Acadia Nat. Park January 26-28, 2017

Gordian worms!   Notice that one end works like a “holdfast” or anchor attaching to the gravel or a leaf. The Nematomorph photographed on the 26th was there in the same place on the 27th (we put it back after … Continue reading

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Is this another Fly? 17 October Acadia National Park (the answer is “yes”)

I don’t see antennae. Its legs are kind of skinny. It has the long probing tongue, however. On asters at the north end of Eagle Lake.

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Skipper, 08 Oct. 2016 Bar Harbor Maine

Polites peckius,  maybe. I hope someone can confirm this. Such a cute face, and bright orange antennae. Same individual. So cute, it landed on my sleeve after leaving the grass. I finally left it, still sitting on the thistle. It … Continue reading

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Marsh Fern and Dragon Fly 27 Aug. 2016 Bar Harbor

Dragonfly on the Marsh Fern. I think it is Sympetrum but I’m not sure of the species.

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