Ichneumon Wasp & Moths at porch light- Bar Harbor, 18-24 April



This is enlarged wing from the individual above. Based on pattern of wing veins (the ones I marked in green) I think this is an ichneumon wasp (rather than a braconid). Guidance was given by a member of Facebook Bugs & Slugs group.  Ichneumon wasps are parasitic and moths are the victims, so no surprise to find this at the porch light.


Cerastis salicarum.  April 18, Bar Harbor.  It is also listed in Proctor, collected Mt. Desert by Brower in 1934.


Feralia jocosa. April 24, Bar Harbor.  This species was also collected, in Bar Harbor by Brower, for the Proctor Insecta: Mount Desert Island Region survey in the 1930s.


Cladara limitaria.  April 23 Bar Harbor.


Eupsilia. I think it is E. vinulenta but there are several similar reported in Maine so I’m not positive.  24 April Bar Harbor.




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