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Ichneumon Wasp & Moths at porch light- Bar Harbor, 18-24 April

This is enlarged wing from the individual above. Based on pattern of wing veins (the ones I marked in green) I think this is an ichneumon wasp (rather than a braconid). Guidance was given by a member of Facebook Bugs … Continue reading

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Micro-Moths and Fungus Gnats

This might be Ypsolopha falciferella, but I have no confirmation. ID help is always appreciated.  About 10mm. Comparison with examples on BugGuide were encouraging. It’s hard for me to get these micros in focus. Here are two Fungus Gnats, the green-winged on … Continue reading

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Moss- Bar Harbor, April 14

Ralph Pope’s  Mosses, Liverworts, and Hornworts describes Bryum argenteum as being “very common”, and “with a frosted look caused by white leaf tips”. Could this be that? The white leaf bundle is very small, about 1/8″. I’m assuming that the red capsules … Continue reading

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Animal fur tuft- 03 April, Bar Harbor

Thank you to the Maine Master Naturalists who knew what this is, or made an educated guess.  I never considered the Red Squirrel, and there are at least four to be seen at almost any moment in the yard. Here … Continue reading

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