25 March 2017, perfect weather for lichens- Acadia National Park


On Soil. Fruticose; Podetia; so far so good. But then I misinterpreted Brown or No Apothecia in the same way that got Oakhurst Dairy in trouble- there is  NO COMMA. So, the Podetia are not brown; they are green. Cups are small and there are not many. Soredia are granular and I’m not sure if “proliferating margins” means that the soredia are found there, or what. So, finally I am not quite sure if this is Cladonia rei , or not.



Here below is another Cladonia, located on the footpath near the one above. I first saw it more than a month ago and it looks none the worse for the recent snowstorms. Grace B. Helped me confirm this and it was my first successful ID using the Hinds Simplified Key, so I am quite fond of it: Cladonia boryi. Maybe I’ve already posted it, but I revisited it today to see how it is doing after alternating warm spells and frigid weather.



Tufted. Main branches 2-5mm in diameter, inflated and irregularly perforated. With its little tufts and perforations, this lichen stands out among the many others along the path.


Because of the farinose soredia, the tiny and poorly formed cups, and the conspicuous primary squamules, this one might be Cladonia coniocraea. The Hinds key adds, “s.lat.” I don’t know what that indicates.  I am also curious about all the juicy yellow things on the substrate. Baby Bryophytes? Next photo is a close-up of those. Nothing is in focus, however. Maybe the yellow spots are an artifact of the strange lighting and and the attempt to zoom in.



Could this one (above and below) be Parmotrema crinitum? It has cilia.




MIneral-gray. broad lobes, isidiate (dense, laminal), apically ciliate.


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