Fern growing in snow- 02 Feb. 2017 Acadia National park



Pinnules slightly lobed and finely veined. In background frond appears to have “tilted” pinnules, and they are widely separated on the blade.


First lower pinnule is almost equal or a bit shorter than the second; but not very much. The texture looks like the ferns that I think are Dryopteris cristata , they are growing near our vernal pool at home. But this plant has several fertile fronds present and the D. cristata has only sterile fronds now (winter). Also, the sori placement is not D. cristata.



It’s aprox.21″ total. Stipe is scaled, looks like there might be tiny scales on the Rachis. I did not want to handle the fern beyond raising the frond a bit for a photo; it is in the Park, on a carriage road.  I would like identification help with this one.  

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