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Nematomorph -Acadia Nat. Park January 26-28, 2017

Gordian worms!   Notice that one end works like a “holdfast” or anchor attaching to the gravel or a leaf. The Nematomorph photographed on the 26th was there in the same place on the 27th (we put it back after … Continue reading

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Bryophytes Acadia Nat. Park & MDI 26 Jan. 2017

ID thanks to Roger Rittmaster,  Bartramia pomiformis. This moss is on the access path to the Witch Hole Trail, 44 24′ 14″ N  and 68 14′ 55″ W (sorry I don’t know how to get the degree sign for the notations). … Continue reading

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Mystery in dead tree 15 Jan. 2017 Bar Harbor

Very dead tree, fallen and broken into sections. Probably deciduous, maybe Big Tooth Aspen. It fell across the end of a vernal pool, now frozen.

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Globular Springtails 11 Jan, 2017 Bar Harbor

ID provided by Maine Master Naturalists  (Thank you!), despite my terrible photos. These springtails are at the same jelly fungus where I photographed them on Jan 05. Since then the temperature dropped to 0 degrees F., then it snowed, then … Continue reading

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tiny invertebrates on Tremella foliacea 05 Jan 2017 Bar Harbor

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