Marsh Fern and Dragon Fly 27 Aug. 2016 Bar Harbor


Bright green, rather fragile, growing out from packed wet red maple leaves in remains of vernal pool. Fronds growing in scattered groups.


Pinnae attached to Rachis with very short stalk. Veins are forked. Rachis is green and has soft tiny hairs.


End of Stipe has a dark tip.


I looked for a fertile frond but could find nothing with Sori. Here is a small frond with characteristic curling at the edges.

Dragonfly on the Marsh Fern. I think it is Sympetrum but I’m not sure of the species.


A Meadowhawk Dragonfly , I think. This photo shows the pinnae, wide at the rachis of the Marsh Fern, and not tapered as those of the Massachusetts Fern.

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